Airport Shuttle/Parking


Shuttle/Parking Information, Effective 7/1/2024

On 7/1/24, our entrance fees have been more than doubled by the airport authority, so we were forced to make some changes to our shuttle schedule. The hotel is charged a fee by the airport for every entry into the airport grounds. The entire block is regulated parking. Parking is not free and has not been for many years.

Shuttle services is 24/7.
On occasion/rarely when we have staffing issues, we stop service between 12:30AM and 3:30 AM as the airport is technically closed during those times.

When staying in the hotel the nights in the hotel are included in the room rate.
When not staying in the hotel, we offer extended/long-term parking for $12 per day. Due to the construction, we are required to drop off at Door D/Baggage Claim.

Pickup/Inbound will remain on demand, guest should call the hotel once arriving at baggage claim and collecting luggage. We will then come for pick up at Door D outside baggage claim. We are unable to stay for very long as we are not allowed to use the parking spaces, we must remain on the curve and in order to have proper flow for all hotel shuttles, we have to grab and go, as quickly as possible.

We will only be dropping of and picking up guest with flights. Those needing to pick up or drop off rental cars, we respectfully request that you take the crossway at the North of the building near the bus stop. Those catching shuttles to/from one of the large casinos or DT please take the crosswalk.

Outbound/Drop Off will now be every 15 to 20 minutes, as needed. Traditionally, our busiest hours are 3:30 AM to 6:30 AM. Our van holds 10 passengers and has a moderate luggage area.

We will have a log at the front desk the night before departure to request specific time slots in the morning for in-house guest. Parking only guest will be first come first serve as we cannot hold a time for someone that is not on the property. Inhouse guest should be in the lobby at least 7 to 10 minutes before the requested shuttle departure time. Empty seats for each time slot will be filled by any waiting guest, if scheduled but not present at least 7 minutes before guest will be placed on the next scheduled outgoing shuttle available.

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